Necessaryimage is finally born!


The idea behind :

After several years in Morocco,  it was time to share our love and fascination for this country with other enthusiasts. We want to give the opportunity to explore Morocco avoiding the usual touristic and crowded routes and being able to collect meaningful and responsible pictures.
A journey on the road, discovering wild nature, historical sites and ancient traditions.

Necessaryimage is the choice to learn photography while travelling in a different way, with an eye to sustainability, supporting locals and involving them, while creating a link with our participants, in the respect of culture and people. Our travel makes use of hostels and accommodations that have been set-up and run by locals.

Our  workshops  are open to all levels of expertise with the possibility to learn from an official Fujifilm X-Photographer  with over 15 years of experience of Moroccan life. Every day we will chase the light, from sunrises to sunsets, enjoying the wide sky of Morocco. Encountering other cultures and learning new things. Necessaryimage is a unique chance to open eyes and souls, because travelling is not only about places but people and connections.

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