Kaotic PhotographyOur Studio.

Kaotic Studio is a photo-focused studio located near the Casablanca Voyager Station.Situated on the ground floor, 
it is ideal for small productions and groups that do not exceed ten people in total.
Great for individual and small group portrait shoots, Corporate shoots, E-commerce shoots, etc

Studio equipments:

(4) Flases Profoto D1 500Ws
(3) Bowens Gemini 500Ws
(3) Godox AD200
(2) Godox Ad400 PRO + Remote Head
(2) LED Weeylite 150Ws Bicolor
(1) LED YoungNuo YN360 II RGB Light Wand
(1) LED Tolifo DK 60B, Bicolor Panel
(2) LED Godox Panel P260C Bicolor
(1) Octabox 120 Cm Bowens Mount + Grid
(1) Octabox 120 Cm Profoto Mount
(1) Octabox 90 CM Bowens Mount + Grid
(2) Octabox 70cm Bowens Mount + Grid
(2) Stripbox 160×35 Bowens Mount + Grid
(2) Stripbox 90×22 Bowens Mount + Grid
(1) Beautydish 40Cm Silver Bowens Mount
(1) 50 Cm Lantern Bowens Mount
(6) C-stand Tripod

Studio details:

60 sq meters + 20 sq meters upstairs
WIFI Optic Fiber 100 Mbit/s
Hair and Makeup Station
Wheelchair Access

Photography Studio Casablanca
Photography Studio Casablanca
Photography Studio Casablanca
Photography Studio Casablanca


650 Boulevard Mohamed V
Residence Acacia, Quartier Belvedere
Casablanca 20250


+212 (0) 6 73769070

650 Boulevard Mohamed V, Residence Acacia Quartier Belvedere Casablanca 20250